Women in art



Women in art

Women In Art is the name of a program under the Diaghilev Festival that is dedicated to women in art. This program will give an additional opportunity to expand musical experience for those female students who take majors rare among women, such as conducting, playing the clarinet and percussion. The program aims at providing access to the best creative practices for women musicians..

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Dance Lab No man is an island

The Women in Art project was first implemented in 2018 at the international Diaghilev Festival under the support of Seyfeddin Rustamov, the beneficiary owner of Metafrax Chemicals PJSC. In 2021, the first dance laboratory was opened as part of the project. In the Diaghilev House dancers and choreographers from all over the country worked together with vocalists on three sketches to music of contemporary composers. Nanine Linning, the choreographer from the Netherlands, held a large master class for the Lab participants.


Music: Polina Korobkova, Sergey Leonov, Daria Zvezdina

Performers: vocal ensemble CONTENT (St. Petersburg)

Music Director: Mary Cheminava

Choreographers: Daria Zinovieva, Olga Vinogradova, Vladimir Kiryanov

Dancers: Ekaterina Andreeva, Ekaterina Varfolomeeva, Daria Kosmynina, Maria Gunicheva, Anna Khirina, Alfiya Agisheva

Tutor: Katya Ganyushina

Producer of the CONTENT ensemble: Maria Andryushchenko (graduate of the Women In Art 2019 program).

Master classes
Pianist Ekaterina Khokhlova, a participant of the Women In Art project, took part in the master class held by Joonas Ahonen (piano)

Rigel Vinskaya, a participant of the Women In Art project, took part in the master class held by the composer Andreas Moustoukis

Ekaterina Nikolaeva and Irina Mikhailova joined the master class held by Vitaly Polonsky (choral conducting) (as part of the Women In Art project)

Elizaveta Korneeva, a participant of the Women In Art project, took part in the master class held by Teodor Currentzis (opera conducting)


Concert in town of Gubakha

For the first time in the history of the Diaghilev Festival, a "non-capital" concert was held in Perm Krai. Students - pianists and vocalists had a great success on the stage of Children's Music School named after Y. Agafonov.



The educational part of the program includes ten lectures held by leading experts in various fields of art. Among the attendees are producers, musicologists, composers, pianists, vocalists, choral and symphony conductors, dancers and choreographers.

Thanks to the support of the Women In Art project, sixteen girls could join in the educational program.



Yuliya Kosheleva (Ufa)
«Within 10 days, they managed to restore my blind adoration for music, in the finest sense of this word. To crown it all, I realized that there are many music lovers, not just a couple of people. And everyone has their own point of view and their preferences. Formulating a wise summary, as beautiful as Mozart music at the end of the event, I can say: the educational program and Diaghilev Festival gave me a perfect chance to remember why I took up music and rediscover that I am not alone in my love for art».


Сейфеддин Рустамов
Seyfeddin Rustamov is the beneficial owner of Metafrax Group. Rustamov currently lives in Virginia, USA. The shareholder is also known as a philanthropist. Rustamov is actively involved in social projects of Metafrax Group. Seyfeddin Rustamov supports the well-known Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the St. Baldrick Childhood Cancer Foundation, and the Dedmorozim NGO, which focuses on the bone marrow donation program in Russia’s Perm region

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